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​​Physical Therapy     Occupational Therapy    ​Speech Therapy

  • Home Safety Assessments
  • Fall Prevention & Balance Training
  • Pain Management 
  • Dementia Treatment & Management
  • Power Wheelchair Assessments
  • Swallow Evaluations
  • ​Hands on Caregiver Training
  • Low Vision Training

I can do more for myself now....I'm so thankful that you came into my life. 

- Ruth F. Whiting, NJ

*Physician's send their own family members to us!

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We now sell adaptive equipment and bathroom safety devices.  We will gladly train our clients as a part of treatment  on the products we sell..

Now hiring for PT, OT, ST and office positions. 

See our "Employment" page.

Client stands up for the first time in 11 years after just seven OT treatments. See our  "Success Stories" page.

Mr. Cino (above) provides Occupational Therapy to a satisfied client.  Since 1999, Mr. Cino's  mission has been to maximize independence, reduce caregiver burden and prevent nursing home placement.

One-on-One Care

In Home Physical Therapy Services

We accept Medicare Part B. We also offer maintenance therapy for people who need extended therapy visits due to their condition.

Health Insurance

 Better for Older Adults

For older adults, newly learned skills, exercises  and techniques are learned quicker and easier at home and always one-on-one care.   

No Home Bound Requirement

Our patients do ​NOT have to be home bound to have our in home physical therapy services.