Adaptive Home Therapy, Inc.

‚ÄčSwallow Evaluations and Speech Training

Our Speech and Language Pathologists provide in-home swallow evaluations and treatment for individuals who may have a weakened or incoordinated swallow process.  When eating or drinking, individuals may experience excessive coughing or choking.  This may be a serious sign that food or drink is entering the lungs instead of the stomach.  If untreated, this condition could lead to aspiration pneumonia.  Additionally, our therapists can evaluate and treat functional communication impairments such as voice quality, intonation and vocal strength if people are having difficulty understanding the client over the phone or in person.  

Power Wheelchair and Scooter Evaluations and Training

We work with your durable medical equipment supplier to help you obtain a  custom power wheelchair or scooter for your specific needs.  The evaluation will first focus on the client's need based upon the payer source guidelines (such as Medicare.)  The therapist will then consider the client's specific goals and daily self care uses for the power mobility device.  We will consider seating and positioning needs for comfort, ability to safely navigate the device throughout the home and train our clients on how to safely use the power mobility device during activities of daily living.  We may make other custom seating and positioning suggestions  to control foot/leg swelling or to prevent or reduce pressure ulcers and pain. 

Low Vision Training

Our occupational therapists improve daily living skills for individuals diagnosed with macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy or other visual impairment. We help by modifying the environment, teach compensatory strategies and train individuals to use visual aids and magnifiers as prescribed by the optometrist or ophthalmologist. Goals may include reading the thermostat, reading the newspaper or reading medication bottles and identifying pills.

Home Safety Assessments

AHT therapists perform home safety evaluation to assess the individual's ability to live independently in their home or assisted living facility. Therapy focuses on improving physical, cognitive, psychosocial environmental factors contributing to dysfunction and falls. We use a number of evidenced-based objective assessments to provide accurate information about the client's functional day to day performance.  We may assess the client's safety awareness, ability to get into the tub,  ability to take medications, ability to use the phone to contact family or emergency dispatchers, ability to exit the home timely/safely or the  ability to cook on a stove top.  Once the assessment is complete, we offer modifications, train to use adaptive equipment  or alternative ways to help the client continue to live in their own home safely and functionally.

Balance/Vestibular Training & Fall Prevention

AHT specially trained therapists provide an alternative form of treatment that can relieve symptoms in individuals experiencing vertigo and dizziness during daily activities. Treatment involves specific exercises to remediate inner ear pathology, improve sensory dysfunction , strength and postural deficits. Goals may include bending over to feed the cat, picking up a dropped fork or bending over to retrieve a news paper.

Our therapist make environmental recommendations to prevent falls such as  strategically locating grab bar placement according to client height and range of reach. We expertly analyze social and mobility habits and make suggestions to make safer pathways to get to the bathroom or out of the home. We may also suggest a particular walker or cane and insure access throughout the home or community.

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