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"I can't believe I can walk to get my mail now.  Great therapy," Mr. H., Manchester, N.J.

Mr. H., a retired postal worker from Manchester, N.J., was a client with AHT for less than one month.  He was trained to use his walker and walk out of his home to his mailbox and to safely retrieve his own mail for the first time in over two years.  Mr. H. has gained confidence and independence from achieving this goal.  With the help of skilled Occupational Therapy, Mr. H. is now better able to manage knee pain and loss of joint mobility; now walking over 500 feet to the mailbox.  Prior to AHT treatment, Mr. H. had to be pushed in a wheelchair to get to the bathroom but now he walks to the bathroom on his own without assistance from his aide.

Client Walks Outside to Check Mail for the First Time in Over Two Years

‚Äč"You made my life worth living again."  Mrs. W.,Toms River, N.J.

After just seven OT visits, Mrs. W, from Toms River, NJ, stood for the first time in 11 years following the effects of a stroke.  Mrs. W. received numerous therapies with other healthcare companies but has accomplished the most with AHT. Before she had therapy with AHT, she moved to a chair with the assistance of a hoyer lift or human crane.  Now, she is able stand up from a chair and take small steps using her own muscle power.  Stay tuned for the latest progress updates on Mrs. W.

Client Stands for the First Time in 11 Years After Just Seven Occupational Therapy Visits

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